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Downshift Session

Downshift Session

Challenge: Create a experiential atmosphere celebrating aspects of gaming, automotive design, art and music.

2008 was the 10-year anniversary for Sony PlayStation's Gran Turismo. To facilitate the Downshift Session's experience it was of the utmost importance to create cohesion across the disciplines. Classic Car Club NYC provided us with a fresh canvas to create this experience within.

The event consisted of four major components: Gaming, Auto, Art and Music. With gaming being the main focus we created three distinct areas where guests could experience the Gran Turismo titles. The gallery section consisted of massive art panels detailing the 10-year history of the game. A highlight of the evening was the unveiling of a one-of-a-kind hand-painted Lotus Exige by legendary NYC artist Eric Haze. In addition to taking in an amazing visual experience, guests enjoyed music from DJ Soul and DJ Neil Armstrong along with a rousing performance by Kid Sister.