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Rooftop Event Series

Rooftop Event Series

Challenge: Create a Summer event series for influencers on behalf of the Modelo Especial brand.

LTD+ partnered with Modelo Especial to take over the Hotel on Rivington penthouse for a 4-event series Summer of 2011. We brought in brands that fit well with the lifestyle to host each event:, Clae Footwear, Black Apple and Prohibit NYC. Each event brought a average of 350 people (250 person venue capacity) and were extended an hour each night as Modelo didn't want them to stop. Photos were shot by Hypebeast blogger Brook Bobbins to ensure each night's festivities were captured and LTD+ produced video recaps of each event.

The series turned out to be a big success for Modelo and will return Summer 2012, stay tuned.