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LTD+, commissioned by Capcom, produced “Capcom Fight Club,” a special one-night, invite-only event for Street Fighter enthusiasts in NYC. The event took place at the etnies Showroom, located in historic SoHo. The Capcom community got a chance to hangout with fellow fans, play games (Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars and Marvel vs. Capcom 2) against each other on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii consoles and got an exclusive sneak peak of Super SFIV from legendary SF player turned Capcom employee, Seth Killian.

Hundreds eagerly waited in a line that at one point wrapped around the block. Attendees enjoyed energetic music, pizzas, refreshing beverages and the first 250 in line received a gift bag which included an exclusive limited-edition T-shirt, poster, SF figurine, headband and comic book.

Working closely with Capcom, LTD+ oversaw the complete planning and production of the event starting with the two day build-out. To meet the heavy AV demands which included 21 kiosks with 32” screens and one 52”, LTD+ secured city permits for an outdoor generator. Layout of the space was carefully orchestrated to maximize the room for game play, banner and signage visibility as well as create ease of traffic.