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GLA Shop Series

GLA Shop Series

Challenge: Develop Green Label Art program to utilize Mountain Dew's sponsored skater Paul Rodriguez, The Dew Tour and skateboarding by creating a national design contest amongst 35 skate shops.

LTD+ took on the responsibility of evolving the Green Label Art program for Mountain Dew. We identified and engaged the artist Don Pendleton for the can collaboration with Paul Rodriguez as well as the 35 skate shops to participate in the contest. We managed the design process with the shops, created all content surrounding the program including the behind-the-scenes of the collaboration Paul and brought Don Pendleton in to re-create the art and appear in the nationally televised commercial. We worked with brand partners Plan B, Markissa and Flip Video to create collaborative products using the Don Pendleton design for contests and giveaways.

The program was a huge success overall bringing attention to a new audience for Mountain Dew. The Shop Series was featured in top online media outlets, garnered over 400 million impressions on the and more than 1 million votes for the design contest.