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Green Label Art

Green Label Art

Challenge: Develop a limited edition artist collaboration bottle series to expand Mountain Dew's brand reach beyond the "extreme sports" market and build brand affinity with new audience.

Live: Mountain Dew explored how to market their existing product in a premium package that would create awareness outside of their core audience. They wanted to be a part of the influencer art/creative movement by supporting the culture in a authentic way.

Translate: Brand the project "Green Label Art" (GLA). Curate, identify and manage the artist process for creation of limited edition aluminum bottles. Design and build interactive microsites housing artist bios, artwork, design contest, blog and event info. Design all GLA communication including national print ads, wild postings and videos. Produce events in multiple cities around the country highlighting the collaborations and artists work. Execute online PR initiatives targeting influential online magazines and blogs.

Define: Press hits in NY Times (cover), BrandWeek (cover), AdAge "Work" section and top Lifestyle blogs such as Hypebeast, Complex, Freshness mag, Paper magazine.