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    5 Questions With Vashtie Kola

    // Capsule Women NY \\

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    Christina "X" Makoyawo //

    While enjoying the sights at the 2nd day of the Women’s Capsule event, we bumped into artist, designer and all-around cool girl Vashtie Kola putting in work. If you’re not familiar with “Downtown’s Sweetheart” you’re probably living under a dimly lit lame rock. Sitting comfortably in her Capsule x Violette NY themed chill area; equipped with a purple ping-pong table and other violette-colored games, we sat down with her and got her to drop some quick gems for our readers.

    What defines your style currently?

    VK: Its been consistently menswear so menswear is definitely inspiring me and has me creating looks. But on that note also, the opposite, what’s really inspiring me is like classic feminine silhouettes like shift dresses. And also classic 90s looks. So I’m very much channeling grunge and riot girl looks. Things that are very feminine and dainty but with the balance of something very masculine and tough.

    What are the 5 things you can’t live without right now?

    VK: I can’t live without my Canon G12. I carry that with me everywhere I go. I cant live without either a pair of boots or sneakers on my feet. I think that’s really important. I can’t live without my chap stick. It’s a tinted chap stick so it’s nice to have some color. It’s by TerraTints and it’s organic. I can’t live without my new Violette pens that are coming out. It’s a 4-click pen. It’s awesome because I’m very visual so I have to color-code my notes. And my Supreme backpack because it has my computer, my notebooks and everything in it.

    You’re pretty much the definition of versatility when it comes to your career. When did you know that the different avenues you ventured into would lead you to the fields that you are in now?

    VK: I feel like I still question if I’m doing anything right. Even though I’ve had a lot of success and I’m very thankful for that. Film was basically the thing that I went to school for and studied and spent time mastering. So in that field I felt very comfortable and very comfortable in my own skin and knew what I was doing. But with fashion and parties and things like that, it’s kind of like a trade. I think that every now and again I’m unsure if its what I should be doing but I just like it enough that I don’t even think about it in those terms of am I comfortable in it.

    What’s been the defining moment in your career so far?

    VK: There have been a lot. I’m very blessed. I think definitely being able to design a Jordan was an amazing opportunity. Being featured in the New York Times was like amazing. Even though you really shouldn’t need the validation. Just having your peers and people who are known for recognizing talent...just to have that happen was really great. I feel like as any artist, or anybody out there or young people who are going to read this, shouldn’t feel like you are not important unless someone recognizes you. Its nice to have but I don’t think you should stress that. Just being able to make a living doing what I want to do I that that’s been a huge opportunity for me and accomplishment. I come from a very working class background and my parents worked two jobs and double shifts. Seeing my parents struggle and the opportunity of not having to struggle like my parents did, for me, is an amazing accomplishment. I owe that a lot to them for coming to this country. So I think that the biggest accomplishment, being able to work for myself.

    What can we look forward to for VIOLETTE coming up?

    VK: Definitely a new collection in the upcoming weeks, for sure. We’re debuting a couple of limited edition pieces which will be hitting the website next week. In a couple of weeks the website will be replenished and there’s going to be a lot of cool collaborations coming up.

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