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    Architects: Slim Pickens

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    bad boy  new york  hip hop 

    "Hawaii" Mike //

    NAME: John Slim Pickens
    OCCUPATION: Global Luxury Villa Rental & Sales specialist, Cultural & Family Historian
    TWITTER: @SlimPick @sandtherapist

    I am a private citizen of my own direction, connection and protection who factored into several equations on several occasions. The best way to describe me is intelligently blessed. I carry my rights & my wrongs. Always personal, as it is a heart/purpose driven passion that moves me, the business is just a transaction. Friendship is grown aligning with the right businesses. Had I chosen to be a mobster, I might be labeled as untouchable. I have done nothing more than help several friends create, design and execute successful social and retail enterprises for years on end. Uptown, Badboy, Death Row, Rap-A-Lot, Interscope, Epic, Arista, RCA, Cash Money, Mecca, Enyce, AG Entertainment in Atlanta, Black Diamonds NYC, Desert Storm, Meoshe, Red Monkey, The Year Of…, & now

    I'm not on popular lists of influencers, although my safely embedded corporate grandchildren and their interns should place more goods with unique and rare fixtures of society in highly visible, out-of-the-box environments. The newly preferred are really just cliqued up exchangers of promo items seeking Blog traffic. I make for my own taste and still enjoy the blessings of years of continued service to my people. My Rolodex constantly expands thanks to those magic marketing wizards and branding agents who know who they're dealing with. People truly enjoy the ideas and influence I generate.

    I'm always in search of breaking barriers, opening doors and granting access. I am a full-time moment creator and capturer as well as a part time manufacturer/distributor. I stepped away from the sophisticated exploitation of ignorance via entertainment to enjoy other aspects of our legacy of exaggerated blackness. Research and experimentation in technology and military is thinking 10-20 years ahead. Most of modern society doesn't realize the things that were planned years ahead to shape and shift them. We are really years behind and supplier rollouts are clearing warehouses full of disposable goods for those who are doing everything they can to catch up or at least appear "current." I know what will be utilized, what is functionally durable, necessary and therefore use a classical approach to my time occupation. Real estate is my newest path and I'm willing to help clients enjoy the finest Villas around the World. Over the next decade, more people will have Passports and they will certainly need experienced assistance finding favorite destinations, luxurious backdrops and private hideouts for their travel fix. Proper Guerilla infiltration and social mediation can guarantee instant penetration and sudden market domination. Whether music or fashion, and now real estate, I enjoy the experience of starting from scratch and building unique, freestanding and somewhat exclusive entities. As a distributor of products for clientele who seek their own taste of luxury, regardless of cost, I can't lose!

    Introducing myself to the music and fashion industries, learning a lot and then helping the best in the biz infiltrate their products to the masses. Life is more about timing, the who and the what and knowing the intricacies of the how. The products we've created or consumed, the relationships formed and the culture that has been cultivated all reflect our place and position in our personal where and why. Many have gone far by being passionate and doing what their spirit energy tells them without looking back. After breaking in, make strides and do the most! Break any molds! Improve your surroundings! Chase accomplishments and prove your value with success.

    I'm midway through life expectancy, Season #40. No beef. No kids. Never incarcerated, prosecuted or persecuted. I did the jets, yachts, mansions, luxury motor home life as well as the coach class, metro bus, taxi cab, subway life. It's all about keeping your personal balance, minding your business & mining your talents

    I used to manage Lord Finesse, Showbiz & AG & Organized Konfusion in 93-95

    We started producing the P-Diddy Roadshow & birthed Atlanta's AG Entertainment with: Badboy Weekends, Superbowl and All-Star Weekends, Memorial Day Cancun and Miami Springfest.

    Being a recognized & fully entrenched frontline street, radio & retail marketing & promotions asset for BadBoy Entertainment & Death Row Records during their meteoric rise to the top of the food chain.

    Video Cameos
    Feen'in, Juicy, Big Poppa and more...

    Successful Launch Desert Storm/I was the General Manager. I'm glad Fabolous went platinum after his September 11th, 2001 release.
    The BK rookie against the BK Bully Jay-Z! DesertStorm/ Elektra Vs Def Jam. Respect earning.

    Having personal road stories from the greatest that are no longer here: GURU, BIG, PAC, Big L, Heavy D, Nate Dogg, Proof, ODB, JMJ, Freaky Chris Lighty, Shakir Stewart, Fred Jordan. Being able to still shake hands and enjoy life with so many longtime legends that keep on keepin on!

    Touring is a great reward.
    Puff Daddy & The Family, N'Sync & the BackStreet Boys in '99, sponsoring the UP IN SMOKE Tour in '00, rolled out again in my bus for the Roc The Mic with 50 Cent & Jay-Z 2003

    The love of service to those in need inspires me daily. Surround yourself with strivers and believers. There are truly great people free of contempt, jealousy, animosity and anxiety out there. My inspirations are phenomenal people like Anthony Drexel Duke who is 94 years young and has been giving back to kids in NYC over 76 years nonstop. I have great inspirations all around and it's a blessing to salute the everyday people, like my family and neighbors who grind every day to make this world a better place.

    I am a direct descendant of Philadelphia's first Mayor. It's a long series of African American love stories. Our family portraits are displayed in the Philadelphia Museum Of Art

    DJ Clue and many DJ's used to get exclusives from me #PartyNBullshit #Superthug #OneMoreChanceRemix

    BIG's last night
    I was Dom P'd out, rocking the mic with DJ Ace as he played the brand new acetate of "Hypnotize" & followed with "It's All About The Benjamin's." I had the spot rocking, hands up screaming "show me the money." Security told me we had to end early. Ask Ed Lover. I gave it over to Kenny Burns. Then I went told BIG to leave the Peterson early because I knew his leg was messed up and the Fire marshal was about to shut it down. He wanted to chill and leave with the crowd. The rest is sad truth. When we got to the hospital Kurupt was there with Foxy because Don Pooh was still recovering. He jetted from that scene quickly. The cops shut ER down. I was put " in charge" of who got into the emergency room lobby. After getting Mark Pitts in, we met with the doctor who said Chris wasn't going to make it but we could tell no one outside so as not to create a further scene. I led with the Lords Prayer. It was a long, long night. I left the next morning on the first thing smoking. #History.

    A celebrity! All they have to do is play the role while a is camera present while an entire legion of staffers cater to their ego, image, calendar, appearances, transportation and bills. I wouldn't trade in my family of friends as I'm doing great being me.

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