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    BK Hip Hop Festival

    // Redman \\

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    "Hawaii" Mike //

    Not sure how I wasn't up on it but found out about the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival line-up Friday and knew I had to make some calls so I could be there. I started my career in 90's hip-hop, as a matter of fact, I moved to NYC the same summer Redman's "That's How to Roll a Blunt" came out. That song in particular inspired me to learn how to roll a Philly, and trust, my rolling skills are better than yours. I can't tell you the last time I saw Redman do a whole solo show but I can tell he's still one of my favorite performers, a true M.C. (Master of Ceremony) that you just don't get to see that much anymore. This has nothing to do with Old School vs New School or anything like that it's about knowing how to control the crowd, get them involved and participating. I would def say Redman could be a comedian if he wasn't a rapper.

    He ran through all of his hits, minus anything from Dare iz a Darkside cause he doesn't remember any lyrics from that album, and when I tell you he killed it, damn! In the middle of the show he brought out his Jersey partner DoItAll from Lords of the Underground to rock a couple verses. He got into the crowd at the end of the show and asked that they do Method Man's verse on Da Rockwilder but they let him down. Other than that his performance was dope as hell! Check the pics in the slideshow above.

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