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    Eat: Hammer & Claws

    // Blue Crab Feast \\

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    "Hawaii" Mike //

    If you know me at all or follow me, you know I LOVE to eat and seafood is at the top of the list. We've been steaming Blue Crab's all Summer so when I heard about the Hammer & Claws Blue Crab Feast there was no hesitation on purchasing a ticket. The event started last year and is $89 for all-you-can-eat steamed Blue Crabs (yes the Maryland styles with tons of old bay, beer and a splash of vinegar), Corn, Hot Dogs and Beer. The venue is the Terminal Stores at The Tunnel Space, yes where the nightclub used to be, so that was a nostalgic plus for me. When we walked up at 8pm there was a line but moved quickly so we got right in and devised a plan of attack.

    We immediately got in the crab line, they were steaming outside so they had to bring the bushels in as they were done, seemed slow but we were just ready to eat. While in line we grabbed seats to ensure we had a spot once crabs were in hand. Seating was family style, long tables and benches so you got to know the people next to real fast, but that was definitely part of the fun. The piled crabs, maybe 6-8 crabs, onto disposable trays, you grab a mallet on your way back to your seat and get busy. We basically did this about 4 times so we probably knocked out about 2 dozen crabs each, so for the fee plus all the beer and camaraderie in divulging these delicious creatures it was well worth it, I'm sure you'll see us back next year, and if you're smart you'll be there with us!

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