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    Event: Modelo “The Warm Up”

    // 40 Oz Van \\

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    Staff //

    Raven B. //

    We recently teamed back up with Modelo Especial to work on a series of #BlankCanvasME events for the beer brand. We set it off last week with "The Warm Up" hosted by 40 Oz Van at The Hotel on Rivington Penthouse. Guests were treated to tacos, Ms. Nix and GetLive! provided the music to go along with ice cold Model Especial and Micheladas all while soaking in the spectacular penthouse views. Mad heads came through including Nigel Sylvester, Johnny Nunez, Chace Infinite, Roxy, Brock, Kevin Saer, man, too many to name without leaving people out so we'll stop there. You can take a peek at the pics and see who for yourself.

    This was only the first, we have some more to go so keep an eye out for your invitation and hope to see you at one.

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