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    Get Sylvester: Live The Dream

    // Episode 7 \\

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    nigel sylvester  bmx 

    "Hawaii" Mike //

    It's been a blast putting together the Get Sylvester web series. Can't tell you how proud I am of Nigel, not just as a client but as a friend and a fan. He's opened his world up and let his fans in to get a better understanding of who he is, where he's from and where he's going. So much on the plate right now and it's only going to get better. Enjoy this episode while we work on the next iteration of the show.

    In this episode of "Get Sylvester," Nigel Sylvester reflects on his childhood. Taking us on a thought conscious stroll down memory lane touching on some of the stepping stones that got him to where he is today and what drives him to continue to push all aspects of his life and BMX. He also gets a chance to stop by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy's patriotic pop up park for a quick BMX and mini bike. Stay tuned for more from Nigel Sylvester and what he does next!

    Filmed and Directed by Harrison Boyce
    Produced by LTD+

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