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    Guess Who’s Back

    // LTD is Back On One \\

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    hawaii mike  ltd magazine 

    "Hawaii" Mike //

    When I first launched LTD magazine back in 2003 it was easy to see what it was about: A direct extension of my lifestyle. It was me in a magazine. It just happened that I shared many passions with various walks of life and the brand was embraced by many. As the online experience started to grow I had to build a presence there yet my vision in print and web ended up not aligning. Unlike what I did, or didn't do, with the magazine I made something that everyone else was doing on the web: a BLOG. Instead of keeping my blinders on and going from the heart I got caught up in the stereotype where I ended up duplicating instead of innovating.

    I've finally reached a point of realization where I understand where I went wrong and what the solution is. I'm now ready to represent my vision properly, to bring you an unfiltered expression of our culture from an internal perspective close to the heart, where we live, breathe and eat... literally. Come hang out and get to know us again. The blinders are on and the vision is clear, with some close friends and partners, trust, LTD is Back!


    "Hawaii" Mike Salman
    Founder / LTD Magazine

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