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    HWMK: Basel Flicks

    // 2013 \\

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    miami  art basel 

    "Hawaii" Mike //

    Just got back from beautiful Miami to this brick ass NYC weather, damn I want to go back. But the show must go on, back to work life, Loud Dreams Vol 1 coming soon (more about that later). As I started to say we hit Miami for Art Basel, did a little event, ok a big party, on Friday called Vibes. Its video director Gil Green's event and Mannion got on this year to contribute a collection of images. There was a video playing on a tablet to go along with each picture of Mannion telling stories from the shoots, shit was pretty dope. A few friends showed up including Gabrielle Union, Ms. Nix, Anwar Carrots, 13th Witness, Van Styles and damn i can't remember who else but shit was packed. And of course, you know we had the Modelo flowing, thank you family! partied in that bitch til about 430-5am.

    Before I continue let me apologize for the blurry pics but I busted the screen on my camera and can't see shit. So until I get a new joint this is what it is, we'll call it artsy. Fuck it, rest of the pics are at Fool's Gold Day Off, you can see who was there yourself. hallah back.

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