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    HWMK: My Shots

    // 4/14-4/20 \\

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    "Hawaii" Mike //

    Trying to get back on track with my weekly photo posts but it's been tough since I cracked the LCD screen on my camera but have no fear, it's getting fixed this week! So this will be my last "hope I got that shot" post and will be 100% in effect in like two weeks max. The last 7 days were eventful to say the least, can't show you all of the pics but definitely snuck some good ones. As always this is just my pics from behind the scenes:

    The majority of the week I was hangin with the Dude Bros WatchxWitness while they shot the Jordan Brand Classic game. Might be a VERY familiar face you'll notice but maybe not. Best part was how 13th got shut down but I won't throw him under the bus. It's pretty dope to watch the next year's college class and some future NBA stars on the court. On Saturday I was on set with Jonathan Mannion to knock out a A$AP Mob shoot. The whole crew was there, dope to catch up with the young fam, even better when it's all business. Can't say much about it but sure you'll be seeing the images soon. Lastly, on Easter, and of course 420, I was in Coney Island getting a tour from Russ as WatchxWitness snapped flicks for the SSUR Summer look book.

    The one things I didn't do was a proper 420 flick which, if you know me, doesn't make sense, but trust I was definitely celebrating!

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