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    HWMK: SxSW14

    // Day 1 \\

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    "Hawaii" Mike //

    I finally made it to Austin for SxSW and yesterday was my first foray into the madness. I started with all intentions of taking pics of everything and everyone I saw but after I looked at what was on my memory stick, that didn't really go as planned. I did however capture a couple shots that show what kind of people are in Austin. The Complex house was only spot I really took flicks at as you can see with Rich Antoniello (Complex Publisher), Ann Marie (Heineken), Coltrane (Team Epiphany Capo), Victor Cruz (NY Giants), Joe LaPuma (Complex) and Nikle Guzman (Manager of WatchxWitness manger with me). My favorite though was the progression of shots I took of my good friend Lupe Fiasco as he didn't recognize at first cause of my beard, his face is priceless. Well enjoy, these, I'm for day two, hopefully I remember to take more pics.

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