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    My Shots: Fool’s Gold Day Off

    // Set 2 \\

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    brooklyn  music  festival 

    "Hawaii" Mike //

    As the day went on the crowd grew larger, the drinks started flowing, a smoky haze filled backstage, needless to say I got caught up in the shenanigans. I was good through Just Blaze's set but then started talking to everyone backstage (it's always a mini-reunion) and enjoying the moment so the pics, as you'll see, started to suffer, especially by the time ASAP hit the stage, I was definitely playing the cut. Great to see Twelvy and Nast rip and of course the surprise appearance by Rocky is always a winner.

    We hit the road after ASAP Mob left the stage but had a blast this year. As always, big thanks to my Fool's Gold fan A-Trak, Nick, Dave and Ben, see you guys for the Holiday party!

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