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    Nike Football Society

    // SPARQ Training Session \\

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    "Hawaii" Mike //

    The newly created Nike Football Society, a 8 team, invite only flag football league made up of various industry heads in NYC (XXL Mag, Roc Nation and Madbury Club to name a few), had a SPARQ Training day to test all of the players. Now, I think I'm pretty athletic, not professionally capable, but I can hold my own but damn this was one hell of a test. We started off with some warm-ups exercises (lunges, high knees, karaoke, etc) as a group just to get loose. Then the broke us up by team and sent us to our drill station. Up first we had the power ball, basically throw a 6 pound medicine ball from your knees as far as you can. Next up was the vertical test, jumping straight up as high as you can from a stand still. Then the 40-yard dash and finally an agility test.

    Now it might not sound like much but you have to do them 3 times each back-to-back and as strong, high or fast as you can. Needless to say by the end we were all dead. Oh but then they threw in another 15-minute Nike+ workout. Sounds like I might be complaining but I loved it, wish I would do workouts like this all the time, definitely got everyone hype to get this season started and out onto the turf.

    Nigel Sylvester and I are co-captains for our team, I'll introduce you to the rest of the squad soon. We start September 9th on the first day of the NFL season. We'll make sure to keep you posted throughout the season, should be a good one!

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  • Anon 03 August 2015 NYC, NY

    6'0 RB, WR, S, CB
    Former Division I/ Professional Running Back.
    What do I have to do for an invite? Thanks

    Anon 23 June 2015 NY,NY

    I would like an invite to the combine, if you could please provide the information that would be great

    Anon 06 February 2015 New York, NY

    6'2 DB, WR, SS, FS
    How do i go about getting an invitation to the combine?
    i want in

    Anon 02 February 2015 Brooklyn, NY

    How can I get an invitation to the 2015 season? Please keep us posted. Thanks

    Anon 27 January 2015 Jersey city, nj

    I want in...

    reggie 21 January 2015 Brooklyn, Ny

    How can I get an invite for the 2015 season? Please, someone keep me posted

    Anon 04 December 2014 New Jersey

    How do i get an invite for next season?


    Instagram __dariuss__

    Anon 24 November 2014 New York City

    How do I go about getting an invite for next season?

    David L. 18 November 2014 Queens, NYC

    How do I get an invite to sign up for next season?

    Anon 27 October 2014 Houston

    DB/Slot Reciever
    4.52 - 40yd
    28 in vertical
    3.9 - 3 cone drill
    Highschool Defensive MVP

    Anon 23 October 2014 Harlem

    Where do I sign up for the 2015 season.
    ks_total_sculpt Instagram

    Andre 01 October 2014 Reseda, Ca

    I'm not in the NYC, I hear there's a league out here in California. I would like to know how I can go about joon that league. Can someone help me with this? Thank you

    Korey 15 September 2014 Bronx, NY

    This is awesome! Is there anyway I can be offered an invite?

    keva adams 21 October 2013 NJ

    This is awesome, comraderie and sportsmanship a great way to stay in shape and enjoy your fave sport!! good job fellas, how can i view?

    Anon 11 October 2013 nyc

    this is a stupid thing for wannabes, just like those stupid softball teams that play down here

    Anon 24 September 2013 Brooklyn, NY

    I want in!!!