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    Road Trip: 2013 Lexus RX 350

    // NYC --> ATL \\

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    "Hawaii" Mike //

    When embarking on a road trip, and you're the only driver, it's a must you get a comfortable vehicle or you'll suffer the consequences, especially when you're talking 14 hours of drive time. Luckily our good friends at Lexus hooked us up with a 2013 RX 350 for our first excursion. This-mid size SUV became my best friend as it had the room needed for all of our stuff yet still drives like a car. We packed up and hit the road at 9am and we were sitting at Hot N Juicy Crawfish by 12:15pm, good time for NYC --> DC. After a quick stuffing of our faces we hit the road, not long into the drive it started to sprinkle and what do you know the windshield wipers started automatically. Took me off guard but as the trip went on I couldn't believe how well it worked, even if it was only sprinkling. I drove for 5 hours straight to Charlotte, NC, where we stopped for some BBQ at Mac's Speed Shop. (shout to DJ Tighty Blues for the recommendation) I'm sure you see the theme: we eat A LOT. We'll do a post on Mac's so you can see the food, not bad.

    Anyone who's put in long hours on the road knows that the gas station becomes your best friend. It's that one time, at least for me, you throw your morals out the window and use that public restroom you would never touch if you didn't have to. Needless to say Quik Stops were frequented not just for the rest room and gas but the all important sunflower seeds to keep me up while behind the wheel. Speaking of gas, for the 2000 plus miles we put on the car we only dropped about $350 total, not too bad on the wallet. Back to the drive, night is fully upon so I had to push through with a 5 hour energy, coffee and music to keep the kid alert. Made it through with those things plus used the seat cooler to help me stay up, actually worked pretty good. Fast forward, we made it.

    Now I've been to the A (Atlanta) a few times but never on a trip like this. The first day we hit Lake Lanier to tie boats by the beach and party with my brothers friends. We'll just leave it at white boy wasted and not get into details. Rest of the trip we hit the Georgia Aquarium, which happens to be the largest in the country, a off the hook BBQ spot, which is to be expected, and get this, a dope Mexican restaurant crazy as it sounds. All in all a good trip, check the pics and I'll also post some of the food spots in case you make it out that way.

    Thanks to Lexus for letting us test drive the RX 350 which turned out to be the right vehicle for this trip. The navigation was great, perfect for finding all of the spots we checked out, we only got lost once trying to find the UNC campus but that might have partially been our fault. At around $50,000 for the model we were in, it's a good value. Only thing missing for me was the side view mirror blind spot sensors, they really help when you have lots of highway driving.

    Rain Sensing Wipers: One of the many auto functions Lexus provides, and trust, they really work.
    SmartAccess Passive Entry: Fancy phrase for "keyless entry" into the vehicle, always loved this option, just don't forget to give the key to the attendant when you valet or leave in a parking garage.

    Snap Shots

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