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    Supra and Lil Wayne partnership

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    We just received this press release from Supra announcing their new partnership and upcoming product collection with Lil Wayne. Now Wayne has been a supporter of the brand, specifically the Skytop, for a long time but why this, why now? It's not like Wayne is a bigger start now than he was then, did it just take this long to get the deal done or could it be that his new hobby is what made this happen. It also makes you wonder who really pushed for this, I mean we can see Wayne's camp wanting this as it might give him a stamp of approval in the skate community. you still have a lot of kids wondering whey he's doing it all of a sudden and maybe this partnership is his way of being authenticated. Let's just hope a skateboard company doesn't step and give him a pro-model deck now, that would be an equivalent of the celebrity getting their "honorary" college diploma right? Let's see what happens next.

    June 14, 2012, Fountain Valley, CA—ONE Distribution is proud to announce that SUPRA and Lil Wayne have forged an exclusive relationship that will result in a collection of footwear inspired and overseen by Lil Wayne and manufactured by SUPRA. There has been a longstanding respect between both parties: the design team at SUPRA cites Lil Wayne’s music as inspiration, and Lil Wayne has embraced SUPRA and worn the Skytop since it was introduced to the market in 2007.

    “Lil Wayne is a true style icon and a trendsetter,” said Matt Fontana, ONE Distribution’s Global Vice President of Brands. “He’s perfectly suited for a collection with SUPRA because he embodies the same spirit that drives the brand: he’s a leader, not a follower. We’re ecstatic about creating a range of shoes with Lil Wayne.”

    The collection will debut at the Project trade show in Las Vegas on August 20-22 and promises to feature a diverse range of styles.

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