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    The New Myspace

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    Myspace released a video previewing their newly revamped site.The one-time leader in the social media sector is making a comeback this time shedding their clunky, hard to work with layouts in exchange for a sleek new redesign and more focused approach. They still have 54 million users, that may pale in the shadow of Facebook, but Myspace is helping the creative community connect with their fans not so much about personal friend-to-friend connections, more about the creators, established and those trying to break in, looking to showcase their work. Did you know Myspace still has largest library of online music with 42 million tracks? Could they possibly get all of the music acts that jumped to FB to jump back? I mean we're all kind of tired of FBs "big brother" ways, as long as Myspace doesn't make you feel like they're digging into every part of your social life then they have a great chance.

    Myspace does have some challenges, can they get over the stigma of basically being phased out and becoming old news? We already have an overabundance of social networks do we need another? But what makes this interesting to us is the first time a one time leader in social media is making a comeback and potentially has the power to rattle Facebook. They're looking to launch 1st quarter 2013 so we'll keep an eye on this one, should be interesting. In the meantime you can check the New Myspace to submit your email for a invite.

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