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    Video: Nigel Sylvester “Black Out”

    // G-Shock \\

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    "Hawaii" Mike //

    After a few cold days and sleepless nights we've finally dropped another gem of a video, Black Out, for Nigel Sylvester and his second signature G-Shock watch. Much different than what you expect but we like that. We tried to capture the look, feel and people of Nigel's NYC, the inspiration behind his new watch. Lots of cameos, full description below. let us know what you think.

    Black Out
    New York City is the birthplace of Nigel Sylvester, a motivating force in his life and inspiration for the design of his second signature G-Shock watch. Black Out depicts the speed and sounds of the city, it's people, the chaotic movement, the exact definition of "Concrete Jungle." There's something in the air on this day, everyone is in a frenzy, the balance of NY is off, but Nigel has the key to put everything back in order. Black Out captures the true essence of Nigel's NYC and familiar faces you may recognize including Angie Martinez, Jadakiss, Styles P, Vashtie, Yaris Sanchez, Vado, DJ Clark Kent, "Hawaii" Mike, Jeny Romero, Sasha Del Valle, Russ Begtson, B-dot, Chad Gittens and Sam Sneed.

    A "We Are Not Pilgrims" production
    Directed /Edited by : Sam Sneed
    Produced by: "Hawaii" Mike / LTD+
    Executive Produced by: We Are Not Pilgrims / Slick The Misfit, Chad Gittens, Kristen Fraser & Sam Sneed
    Director of Photography: Chris Cannucciari
    Styled by: Amel Monsur (clothes provided by Nike & Oak)
    Music by: The Letter "C" / Grind Music
    Sound Design by: Matt Longoria / Beatstreet
    Color Correct by: Thai Tran

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